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HUNGARY Autumn Edition 2022| Budapest

Again, our last stop from the Autumn Edition 2022 | In-Person fairs, was Hungary. Budapest was the city that we visited on our journey.

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CROATIA Autumn Edition 2022 | Zagreb

Below you can see a few images from our EXPOMEDICS Career Fair from this Autumn Edition 2022.

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POLAND Autumn Edition 2022 | Warszawa

Poland was the 7th country we visited in the Autumn of 2022 and as usual, the location where we have met hundreds of valuable medical professionals.

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LITHUANIA Autumn Edition 2022 | Vilnius

Europe, particularly Scandinavian countries, is the leading destination for Lithuanian physicians.

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GREECE Autumn 2022 | Athens

EXPOMEDICS is the largest medical career fair in Greece dedicated to the health market.

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BULGARIA Autumn Edition 2022 | Sofia & Plovdiv

Below you can find a few pictures from our latest EXPOMEDICS Career Fairs in Bulgaria: Sofia and Plovdiv.

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