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PORTUGAL Spring Edition 2024 | Porto & Lisboa

Portuguese medical professionals are in pursuit of better compensation and improved working environments. Like many healthcare workers across Europe, they are deeply invested in the public sector's future.

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HUNGARY Autumn Edition 2023 | Budapest

The country is renowned for offering high-quality healthcare services and Hungarian healthcare professionals are highly trained.

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CROATIA Autumn Edition 2023 | Zagreb

The good organization of medical education and the alignment of criteria and standards in education with European trends is a good basis for the quality and education of medical professionals in Croatia.

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GREECE Autumn Edition 2023 | Athens & Thessaloniki

Greek doctors gain international recognition nowadays, through their scientific successes, and they belong amongst the world’s top doctors.

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LITHUANIA & POLAND Autumn Edition 2023 | Vilnius & Warszawa

Doctors train for six years and have to undertake at least one year’s internship before they are fully qualified and can specialize.

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BULGARIA Autumn Edition 2023 | Sofia & Varna

Bulgaria, located in Southeastern Europe, boasts a mature healthcare system and a growing pharmaceutical industry.

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